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Accreditation is through IICT & IADL  - By Appointment only.

Hypno Realms Therapy is not a franchise, is not owned in any part by Alexa Taylor, and has no association to her.

Telephone: 07830199641                   Email: ella@hypno-realms.co.uk            Copyright 2017              Photo by  E.Moore in Eastbourne, "Sunrise."


Ella Moore's modems of healing, telephone 07830 199641,

 email ella@hypno-realms.co.uk,creating inner-calm, through resolution, action, direction and perseverance. Hypno Realms Therapies, Ella Moore, 07830199641,



Therapy, through assessment, calibration, analysis, realignment and pure positivity, love and light, a place of safety and healing, combining neural pathways with positive alignment and suggestion and the ancient healing temple of the angel resonance.