Past Life Regression

What can past life regression do?


Past life regression can help with removing past life traumas which create blocks for the individual in this life, Not only traumas but very real illness's too as it is also taught that disease is an old term changed with chinese whispers etc through time and was actually pertained to dis - ease, cancer is linked to emotional trauma, also linked to pain and nerve diseases. Some skin conditions are related to skinnerve disorders too, the list is endless.


Generally without delving deeply into the subconscious we can only be removing the symptoms and not the cause, the initial trauma that created a chain reaction through, time. Experiences have been validated several times of past life memories, which would indicate and that there are many success' recorded of removing trauma to heal the whole person.  Many cases have also been recorded around the world without publicity of alien abduction cases, which were of a similar nature, the information gathered from each country was not initially available outside of their country to carry out a 'copy cat' incident.  This would infer that generally most cases are genuine, although all situations would require further investigation.


I am just completing the course here and require 5 candidates with these type of issues to treat and record free of charge.

I am qualified to treat all general hypnotherapy - peutic conditions as listed, this is more specialised and is seen as a recognised







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