Hypnotherapy Aids 


Hypnotherapy can aid most conscious and subconscious conditions, unravelling the root cause and the triggers which is paramount to resolving all issues.  Your mind can also operate as a battery to instigate physical healing, but hypnotherapy is well known for resolving these type of conditions and issues:-

 Weight  Loss, through, diet, exercise and will power achieving targets

Sports excellence

Trauma - of all kinds

Stopping Smoking - replacing the void

Sleep disorders


Sleep disturbance

Confidence, in life, business, relationships


Nerves for public speaking, speeches, exams

Focussing the mind - for study etc.

Past life resolvement

Pain - creating switches within yourself to utilise at any time to switch off the pain.  Reducing the side effects of medications.

          Please contact me regarding your condition if it is not listed.

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