Welcome to Hypno Realms, where all can become possible with the help of rationalising, logic, imagery and accessing your subconscious mind.


I cover varying hypnotherapy techniques to reach most people's subconscious mind.  First I will assess you and your requirements via a consultation at the first meeting.


A recording is made of every session for your peace of mind.  Each session is tailored to your needs.


Hypnotherapy to aid weight loss, through control of diet, will power and energy and enthusiasm for sport.  Stress relief, smoking, pain relief, phobias and more,  also entering the realms of past life regression.

As well as attaining a diploma in hypnotherapy, I am also a Reiki master and teacher, and have studied various alternative forms of healing, as well as studying psychology and then being a business and finance graduate.  I am able to pull on all these valuable knowledge resources together to aid you. 


Recent and further studies include neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behaviour therapy, nutrition to aid dieting also extended experience and knowledge in natural cancer treatments through nutrition. To aid the individual to new levels, dreams or actualisation I also completed a diploma in life coaching.  To fully heal and re-charge crystal and angelic healing is also available to experience a different level or to prepare and relax you for hypnotherapy.  Some times there can simply be a blockage within one or many of the chakras which can pull on the natural resources of the other chakras so the focus is to unblock and realign. 


Understanding Hypnotherapy 

I believe hypnosis to be accessing the subconscious mind and offering beneficial suggestive responses or actions. Hypnosis can also be used as a self healing tool triggering the mind to reel off further synaptic responses to block pain receptors or even kick start the body to generate self healing.

 The parts to the mind are, will power, temporary memory, analytical and rational mind.

Conscious mind makes up the whole of the above, will power attempts to focus our energies on achieving a desired result which can be weak or strong dependent on the individual or the individual's resilience.

 The temporary mind holds information collected in our day to day matters, most is insignificant and can be moved to the subconscious mind or discarded.

The analytical mind is the part of us that recognises a problem and then attempts to resolve issues dependent on all information and intelligence given.Our rational mind, requires accurate information or accepts our logical appeasement of facts to gain acceptance of a situation i.e. I may be a little over weight but I am not eating too much.

The conscious mind is in control, the subconscious indirectly. The conscious mind carries out all actions but on the basis of the programming of the sub conscious mind.

Different types of brain wave activity are:

Beta - waking conscious state

Alpha - day dreaming, creative, closed eyes

Theta - Dreaming, dreaming, hypnotic, meditative, subconscious or athletic in the zone.

Delta - Unconscious, sleep, deep sleep

 Records depict hypnosis and it's varying formats lie deep within historic religious cultures including, Greek, Egyptian, Druids, Vikings, Indian yogi's. Where chanting drumming and dance rituals were used to change the state of consciousness and mainly used for healing. Modern hypnosis began in the late 18th century where father Gassner used his crucifix to exorcise demons, this appeared to work and was observed by a man called Mesmer. Franz Anton Mesmer used a placebo effect, which initially made him appear to be a fraud in the medieval world, but upon further investigation they realised that auto suggestion was the key to his success. From here his followers developed and built on his techniques.

 Marquis de Puysegur discovered a deep form of trance he called "somnambulism". In the mid nineteenth century it was discovered by a Scottish doctor in India that hypnosis could be used to alleviate pain, aid sleep and remove many functional ailments and nervous conditions. This was proven on many thousands of patients. New induction techniques were then developed and was found helpful with children too.

 Freud began to use hypnosis to allow patients to recall traumatic events and be able to psychoanalyse. Freud believed it was more to do with free association. Milton later was able to develop new strategies and techniques where he could put patients into a trance without even mentioning the word hypnosis.

 After the war hypnosis was used to treat battle fatigue and mental disorders. In the 1950's the BMA and AMA provided supporting statements for hypnosis.

 Calibration is where I observe the unconscious responses of my clients which offer an indicator of their underlying condition, how they view their condition, the triggers and how best matters could be resolved, where I could also look for or assess something similar to the term 'Freudian Slip'. I can then see where the problem lies, where to provide a solution, release anguish and pain and place this information with solutions into my tailored hypnosis suggestion, statement or journey.  On occasion the client may need to go into past life regression to resolve matters either to an earlier period in their life or a previous life, and this would require further sessions.

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